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Procedural, Civil and Criminal Law

Defense of Competition and Consumer Protection

Family Law

Labor Law

Roger Tejada

T +(507) 322-2121


Roger Alberto advises national and international clients in matters related to corporate and individual criminal responsibility (executives), as a litigating lawyer and as an external advisor for the management of criminal risks in the development of commercial activity, including crimes against economic assets, scams and frauds.


He has more than a decade of experience providing legal representation in criminal actions for conduct against economic assets, the financial system, the environment, control of internal fraud and money laundering, and developing preventive strategies that minimize business risks, and combats private corruption and acts of unfair administration.

Similarly, in his career he also highlights the advice to companies in the labor, banking and financial sector, government, transportation, logistics, retail and communications, administrative matters in general and the Defense of Competition and Consumer Protection. In labor matters, it assists well-known companies and workers who justly claim their rights.

He is on leave since June 30, 2019 for being working as a Public Servant.


  • Degree in Law and Political Science (Santa Maria la Antigua Catholic University).

  • Master in Procedural Law (Universidad Latina de Panama).

  • Diploma in Accusatory Criminal System (Universidad Latina de Panama).

  • Master of Science in Criminal Law (University of Panama).



  • National Bar Association of the Republic of Panama (CNA).

  • Unification Group for the Independence of the Lawyer (GUIA).

  • Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE)

  • Active Club 2030


  • Spanish

  • English

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