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Patrick Baudin

T +(507) 322-2121



Patrick Baudin, currently external consultant for Infante & Pérez Almillano (IPAL), is a leading lawyer with more than twenty-five years of experience in Latin America, in the field of Civil Law. Integrated into the practice, individually or in teams, of law in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. It has a special focus on the formalization of “Casación” appeals.


  • Latin University of Panama. “The principles of freedom and equality in the Civil Code: one hundred years later” (2016).

  • II Latin American Convention of Civil Law, Peru.

  • “Modern trends in contracts. Perception of a French civilian regarding Panamanian contract law” (2014).

  •  XI Panamanian Congress of Procedural Law (ICPDP), Panama.

  • “Comments on the admissibility of the civil “casación” appeal in Panama” (2014)

  • Universidad de Panamá, Panama.

  • “Reflections on the civil “casación” appeal in Panama” (2012).



"Venezuelan Civil Procedure Code", 3rd Ed., Ediciones Paredes, Caracas-Venezuela 2010.


  • Specialist in Procedural Law (UCV, Venezuela 1997).

  • Master of Laws (Specialization in Private Law, Paris II University, 1986).

  • Law degree (University Paris II, 1985).

  • Diploma Institute of Higher International Studies (I.H.E.I., Paris 1980).


  • French

  • Spanish

  • English

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