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Structuring of Collective Investment Vehicles
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Nadiuska López Moreno

T +(507) 322-2121


Nadiuska López Moreno is recognized for her extensive experience providing legal advice in Securities Law, from the establishment, process of obtaining a license, and start-up of a significant number of market participants, as well as comprehensive accompaniment in structuring some of the largest securities issues in the local market, securitization of assets and investment companies (including REITs) for an amount exceeding 2 billion dollars.  Nadiuska serves as the legal advisor to a wide range of local and international, public, and private sector stock market participants, including foreign investment companies, international banks, supranational banks, risk rating entities, price providers, among others, and advising on sophisticated financial transactions that, in most cases, shares credit with prestigious U.S. law firms and law firms from other countries.   Nadiuska has advised local clients within the Title 11, Chapter 11 ("Chapter 11") process of the U.S. Bankruptcy Law, regarding compliance with the reorganization plan from a local perspective and provides ongoing advice on insurance and reinsurance law.

In the public sector, Nadiuska worked at the National Securities Commission from 2000-2003, holding the positions of National Director of The Market and Intermediaries, National Director of the Securities Registry, and was appointed Ad Interim Commissioner on several occasions.  During this period, she was appointed as part of the team of financial sector negotiators of the Government of the Republic of Panama in certain of the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement. In 2012, she was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Superintendency of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama, within which she served as President and Secretary in various periods, until her voluntary retirement in 2016. To date, she holds positions on the Boards of Directors of public investment companies and investment advisors. Additionally, she is Vice President of the Commission on Commercial Law and Practices of the International Chamber of Commerce - Panama Chapter for the period 2024-2026.



  • Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama, Panama (LL.B., 1997).

  • Boston University, Massachusetts, USA, (LL.M., 1998), Master's degree in International Banking and Financial Law with Emphasis in Securities Regulation.


  • National Bar Association.

  • Panamanian Association of Business Executives ("APEDE").

  • Vice President of the Commission on Commercial Law and Practice of the International Chamber of Commerce - Panama Chapter for the period 2024-2026.


  • Spanish

  • English

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